Media Monger, Business Consulting, Los Angeles, CA (2004-2008) 

Product Partners,, Beverly Hills, CA (2007 –  2008)
Success Stories Specialist:
-Developed and gather Success Story testimonial assets for production of P90X, Yoga Booty Ballet, and Slim in 6 DRTV infomercials. (Casting recommendations)
-Developed and gathered news stories for Beachbody News Network launch.
-Created and developed testimonial newsletter and e-mail content for infomercial testimonial recruitment.
-Contacted DVD consumer product advocates to be utilized for marketing collateral web and magazine publications (casting recommendations).
-Established and developed on-line community rapport with coaches and members then reported contact lists, stories, and testimonial information for CEO and Production Development Teams.
-Developed fitness product reviews for upper management, for new product launches.
-Managed rapport with success story testimonials through message boards & blogs
-Managed in-house product photography and digital photo files
-Conducted competitive research
-Conducted interview process and testimonial footage for on-air DRTV infomercial segments.

Identity Talent Agency and Atwater Music Studios: ,  Los Angles, CA (2004 –  2006)
- Music Licensing for Atwater Studios, booking studio time with clients.
- Consulting and Branding Department management, oversaw contractors and managed relations for various Entertainment product integration and product placement contracts, films include: “Little Miss Sunshine” and “How To Eat Fried Worms”.
-Managed clientele for media advertising, and oversaw talent bookings/ endorsements for certain clients signed with the Identity Talent Agency (Speaking Opportunities Jose Canseco, Appearances Mario Lopez, “Johnny Love” Alcohol was a client I arranged a Million Dollar endorsement deal with Paris Hilton for the Vodka Brand).
- Organized sponsorship and represented producer Klexius Kolby for both IPOP and Ed Hardy   
 Premier Fashion Show
- Developed and oversaw publicity for many events as well as corporate sponsorship business development.
- Developed Identity Agency’s first generation Media Kit.



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