I have worked on promotions for some of the largest films ever....

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Dear Potential Employer:

My name is Joscelyn T. Jones and I am currently consulting for various clients with development and implementation of cross- platform integrated marketing and advertising campaigns. I have in depth knowledge and contacts within the media and entertainment industries.

I understand the trends in today’s marketplace; consumers are bombarded with messages from ads in the elevator to messaging on a screen in the supermarket line or movie theater. The changing dynamics of information’s creation and distribution from just the traditional media outlets has changed and finding a new successful integration of consumer targeted messaging with so many options can be a challenging to many. I fortunately have had the opportunity to work and consult for various on-line media firms, social networking groups, DRTV focused companies, and have also had the opportunity to develop television and film product placement and integration campaigns, over the past few years. Combining that with my years of experience in traditional media outlets, I have a strong grasp on demographics and consumer trends to effectively brand products by integrating messaging through effective mediums.

My last full time position was with Starz Entertainment serving as the Manager of Affiliate Sales and Marketing for the Western Region, but found this position did not utilize my contacts or experience.

Prior to Starz Entertainment I was the Film Specialist/ Sr. Advertising Account Executive for Time Warner (Formerly Adelphia and Charter Media Services) in LA DMA. Within the cable industry I was fortunate to develop a niche sales position, specializing in advertising campaigns, public relations, consumer marketing promotions, and event management for major entertainment studios and cable networks. I have been responsible for over 150,000,000 dollars in revenue and billings.  I have extensive experience working for multiple cable MSO’s and pay television networks such as Starz Entertainment over the years.


I have worked directly with national and international clients such as Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, A/X, Hugo Boss, Nike, New Line Cinema, Fox Studios, Warner Brothers, Lions Gate Entertainment, Paramount Studios, Columbia Tri-Star, Bravo Networks, IFC Networks, amongst others. I have had the experience of developing advertising campaign proposals with agencies such as Carat-USA, BBDO, McCann, Palisades Media, and Starcom that have helped me to develop my negotiation talents on a client, consumer, and agency level.

I hope upon reviewing portfolio, you'll recognize my desire to work with your team and to learn more about exciting new opportunities. Salary is negotiable. I am a dedicated hard worker and I extend my sincerest gratitude for taking the time to review my qualifications, awards and portfolio.

Best Regards,


Joscelyn T. Jones


Thank you for taking the time to review my qualifications!
I hope to be working with you soon.